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Free Will Vs. Determinism | Hannibal & Alex


Alex heard the footsteps of his host a little too late, and had already been caught drying his hair before he had a chance to stop and sit straight. “Not at all, sir. I would have insisted on eating in a more appropriate place if you hadn’t already moved it.” He stood, draping the towel over one arm, while holding the bundle of dirty clothes and towel in the other. “I should be the one worrying, not yourself, if I may say. I am the one intruding on your beautiful home. I am more than willing to clean up any mess that hasn’t already been taken care of, if you might allow for it.”

At that moment, he caught a view of the accent table in his peripheral vision, giving yet another polite smile. “More apologies, for moving your things. I was not thinking clearly at the time. The shower helped a great deal with bringing me back to reality.” The boy gave a stern nod, his smile widening to show teeth. “I cannot thank you enough for your hospitality, mister. Though, to avoid repetition, I shall say it no more, unless completely necessary.” There was a small pause, barely a few seconds, as the boy pondered before speaking again. “And… might I apologize once more for my excessive talking? It has simply been an odd sort of day, and, though I am better now, my mind is still not in the correct place.”

As he started towards the other, he looked down to the items in his arms. He fidgeted for a moment, hesitating to ask yet another question. He swore to himself that this would be the last for at least the next ten minutes; “Might there be a place I can put this before I go to eat, sir?”  

Well, at least that towel had been specifically for the boy’s own use. Hannibal was going to remember to put it with the laundry once he had the chance. Other than the moving of his objects without having at least asked first, his guest’s actions could only be viewed as polite, and his moving of Hannibal’s things were not worth giving out his usual punishment for.

“I can assure you that there is no need to apologise. I do not see you as an intruder. After all, you were in need of help.” There was the slightest of pauses before he continued, “And I would be more than happy to clean the mess myself.” He wouldn’t have a guest working around his house for him, and Hannibal was just about as meticulous in cleaning as he was with having his possessions in order. At least he was polite – perhaps that would be his visitor’s redeeming factor.

“There is no harm in talking,” he answered, “it is better to talk than to stay silent.” While he did listen to people speak all day, as would be in his job description, he didn’t mind talking or listening even more than he already had to. He enjoyed the company of others, and didn’t believe that he would ever to be one to tire of such things.

His mind worked quickly as he thought as to where the dirty clothes could be placed. He didn’t have any intention of doing his guest’s laundry; he wasn’t that hospitable. It only took a second or so for him to respond, “I can put them in the guest bedroom while you make your way to the dining room,” Hannibal made a swift motion to the dining room, which would be found easily enough following the small gesture the host had given him, “if you would prefer.”